What does Horned Winged Blessed actually stand for?

Reporting a major plot alteration made within Horned Winged Blessed.

As many of you know, my latest novel is in editing and will soon be ready for publication on Amazon in preparation for the launch.

However, after several discussions with my beta readers and main editor, the meanings behind what Horned Winged and Blessed actually stand for is being revealed much earlier in the book than previously scheduled.

I was planning to have it written subtly within the pages of the novel, so that readers could put the pieces together as and when they were able. (And don’t worry, there are still plenty of other aspects in the book that readers will be able to do exactly that with!)

But as this is something as crucial as what the title of the book actually means, I’ve altered it to now reveal this vital information within the first chapter instead.

Horned Winged Blessed… what does it mean?

In a post-world war III, dystopian future my next novel is set in what is portrayed (at first) as a utopia. A new Wiccan government is in power and is doing what they can to revive Broken Britain after the war.

One of their main new laws is the introduction of the new words given to the three genders:

Men are now called Horned ones.
Women are now called Winged ones.
Anyone other than that are called Blessed ones.

Some of you will see the issue there already.
If you don’t, then make sure to grab a copy of Horned Winged Blessed as soon as it’s out!

What are you doing on the 29th of November?

will be released on the
29th of November.


I’ll be having a launch party at JACK’S BAR in Blackfriars.
It’s open to anyone, so come along!

The novel will be available in Ebook and paperback format.
Pre-purchase options are available, so check them out below!

HORNED WINGED BLESSED is a very dark novel,
which tackles issues that are extremely topical in society today.
If you’re a fan of dystopian, pro-LGBTQ+ feminist literature,
then it’s right for you.



Note, the event itself is free to attend – so there is no need to buy tickets for entry itself. The book will also be available to buy on the night.

Pre-purchase Standard Set @ £15

HORNED WINGED BLESSED Pre-release Ebook (PDF for Amazon Kindle)
1x Drink Token*

Pre-purchase YAAAS QUEEN VIP Set @ £30

HORNED WINGED BLESSED Pre-release Ebook (PDF for Amazon Kindle)
The Butterfly on Fire: Maiden Mother Crone Ebook (PDF for Amazon Kindle)
The Butterfly on Fire: Maiden Mother Crone Signed Paperback Copy
Set of 3x HORNED WINGED BLESSED Bespoke Silicone Wristbands
1x Drink Token*

*Drinks available from a pre-selected menu:
Flying Zebra White Wine (175ml)
Flying Zebra Red Wine (175ml)
Small Beer
Aspall Cider
2x Soft Drinks

Please make your payment via Paypal, leaving your Name and Email Address. You will receive the Ebook via that email account upon early release on the Ebook only.
Tickets will be delivered on the night of the launch party with the name given at the point of purchase. This ticket will include tokens for your drink(s), paperback book(s) and wristband sets.
Drink tokens can only be exchanged at the bar for drinks from the pre-selected menu. This selection is subject to change.
Paperback books and wristbands will be delivered in person on the day to the name given at the point of purchase.

Paypal payments of £15 or £30 should be made to:

Revised Book Cover – thoughts?

I need your help…

A few weeks ago I posted a book cover, and the feedback wasn’t too great.

First of all, thank you for all the support and honest opinions. Without that, I wouldn’t have known to go in a totally different direction.
Bless you all.

Are there any other writers out there that have been through the same? I would love to hear how you handled it. Did you follow your vision or listen to those around you?

Well I listened.

I drafted an entirely new design, with hopes that the dystopia vibe really shines through. The title should be legible now, and it should generally make you want to buy it.
So here goes…

This will hopefully get better feedback.

Let me know your thoughts!