What are you doing on the 29th of November?

will be released on the
29th of November.


I’ll be having a launch party at JACK’S BAR in Blackfriars.
It’s open to anyone, so come along!

The novel will be available in Ebook and paperback format.
Pre-purchase options are available, so check them out below!

HORNED WINGED BLESSED is a very dark novel,
which tackles issues that are extremely topical in society today.
If you’re a fan of dystopian, pro-LGBTQ+ feminist literature,
then it’s right for you.



Note, the event itself is free to attend – so there is no need to buy tickets for entry itself. The book will also be available to buy on the night.

Pre-purchase Standard Set @ £15

HORNED WINGED BLESSED Pre-release Ebook (PDF for Amazon Kindle)
1x Drink Token*

Pre-purchase YAAAS QUEEN VIP Set @ £30

HORNED WINGED BLESSED Pre-release Ebook (PDF for Amazon Kindle)
The Butterfly on Fire: Maiden Mother Crone Ebook (PDF for Amazon Kindle)
The Butterfly on Fire: Maiden Mother Crone Signed Paperback Copy
Set of 3x HORNED WINGED BLESSED Bespoke Silicone Wristbands
1x Drink Token*

*Drinks available from a pre-selected menu:
Flying Zebra White Wine (175ml)
Flying Zebra Red Wine (175ml)
Small Beer
Aspall Cider
2x Soft Drinks

Please make your payment via Paypal, leaving your Name and Email Address. You will receive the Ebook via that email account upon early release on the Ebook only.
Tickets will be delivered on the night of the launch party with the name given at the point of purchase. This ticket will include tokens for your drink(s), paperback book(s) and wristband sets.
Drink tokens can only be exchanged at the bar for drinks from the pre-selected menu. This selection is subject to change.
Paperback books and wristbands will be delivered in person on the day to the name given at the point of purchase.

Paypal payments of £15 or £30 should be made to:

Are you a feminist? If not, don’t read this novel.

Ok, I’m going to be honest with you. I never intended to write such a strongly feminist and generally controversial novel. It was just meant to be a tad dark, with a few social comments. But the more I explored the world I had created, the more sinister the story became!

I always wanted Horned Winged Blessed to be a pro-female, pro-LGBTQ+ novel. That much was unapologetically clear from the start. I just never expected that to be achieved in such an atmospheric way. By flipping the current gender roles that we see in today’s society on their heads, I unearthed an ugly array of bugs and vermin.

The book tackles issues like abortion, oppression and even rape. It’s all brought to light by having an all-female government at the core of the story. This allows me to portray society in an ironic way: where women are in charge, and it’s men that are oppressed. For me, this does two things. It shows just how much women are oppressed in society currently. It also reveals how gender equality isn’t simply a movement towards putting women in power. That wouldn’t achieve anything. True equality means peace and freedom for men, women and all other genders on the non-binary scale.

The war for equality is far from over…

Horned Winged Blesssed is in editing, and will be ready by the winter of 2019. If you fancy a dark, dystopian delve into what life would be like with gender roles swapped and WOMEN in the same position as men currently are, keep an eye out for the previews to come!

E L Croucher