My First Review (Amazon / Goodreads)

I’m so happy to announce that Horned Winged Blessed has received its first review from Random Reviews!

With a wonderful 4 / 5 stars, it’s a great start!

Check it out below, or via the following links:

Amazon UK – Horned Winged Blessed

4.0 out of 5 stars

Fun YA novel

16 December 2019

Our protagonist is Joan Wood, the daughter of the founder of the Silver Party, a political party in Britain which has remained in power since the end of World War III. Joan’s privileged lifestyle means she believes the society her mother created is indeed a utopia. However, she is in for a rude awakening when her house is attacked by underground rebels. After discovering the truth about the society the Silver Party has created, Joan must decide whether to join the rebels in helping bring down her own mother.
Croucher’s worldbuilding is excellent, and the reader is thrown into the midst of this Britain instantly. Admittedly, it takes a few pages to navigate this different society but once I understood it, I was gripped. There is great attention to detail and the world Croucher depicts is very rich. Croucher evokes the sights and smells of London expertly, reminding me of my times visiting the city. It was fun exploring a world familiar to our own, but also a different society within it.
The character of Joan is also nicely portrayed. She goes through quite a transformation, essentially starting out as a spoilt young girl to becoming a free-thinking young woman rebelling against an unjust society. Her character development throughout the story was very well-written, and Croucher balanced the action of the plot with quieter moments of character study really well. I also liked how the book opened with Joan’s mother, or Joan’s memory of that day. It gives the reader some understanding of why she started the Silver Party, and her motives for creating this ‘utopia’. This helped to stop her from being a mere, throwaway villain, but someone who wanted to change her society for the better. Whilst it is hard to agree with her actions, by revealing her motives they become (somewhat) understandable.
Horned Winged Blessed is a fun, action-packed YA novel with some great characters. In a market crowded with young adult dystopian fiction – spearheaded by The Hunger Games – Croucher has delivered something fresh to the genre. Teenagers and young adults will find plenty to enjoy here.

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